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Meet The Author: Ariane Signer Introduces Shadow Work

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

I am ever so slowly adapting to our highly digitized and video-hungry society. Seriously, technology is advancing much faster than I can say TikTok.

I AM committed to jumping on board, though, especially now that I am working as a social media manager...ain't got no choice but to reel, amirite?!

Since a video is worth a thousand words (or a thousand first impressions?) here I am introducing my second book baby, Shadow Work.

Side note: I sincerely will be updating the blog more regularly in the coming months, I've just been really busy (happy??) focusing on my day job, my kidlets, and hiking any chance I can get (new obsession).

Thank you to everyone who has supported Shadow Work, I am excited for more of you to read it!



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