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Shadow Work Released!

After a little more than a year of writing and editing, Shadow Work is finally here! This morning is rainy and grey; I'm alone *but I'm not lonely*, and the adrenaline/cortisol/looking-at-a-screen-too-much rush has worn off.

It's a New Moon in Aries, and I am focusing my energies on creating the new, following my dreams, and knowing that I am aligning with my passions. Writing this collection of poems has helped me to remember what the fire of passion feels like. I love it. I want more haha.

Shadow Work will be available across all Amazon sites by later this week. For now, Kindle Pre-Orders are available, and some of the Amazon's are showing the paperback as ready to order (there was a slight *last minute* edit done to the e-book, which resulted it in being re-loaded and subsequently published first!)

New Year’s Eve

I’m alone but I’m not lonely.

Spent a lifetime trying to cover up the shadows.

Avoiding the dark, while running into


Looking for forever in far-away eyes. A million

hiding places buried in my mind.

72 minutes to go; the longest year of the

century. And the lines near my eyes tell of

words that I still can’t speak.

Searched the dictionary but nothing describes

what this feeling means.

You’re no longer here next to me, and I think,

ultimately, that will bring me peace.

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